Closet Doors

While closet doors may serve a very functional purpose, our new and modern designs are anything but ordinary.  All of our closet door hardware is made of resilient, durable material that requires minimal maintenance. Mirror bifold and mirror bypass closet doors are a great option to lighten up any space. Mirrored closet doors are also a great choice on a front or rear closet to act as a full length mirror for a last minute check-up before you leave the house. These closet doors are available in either a classic white or modern satin grey trim.

Our brand new painted glass series provides the ultimate in style. These closet doors are new to the Edmonton area - so come visit our showroom to check them out! Available in a variety of colors, these painted glass closet doors add a modern and sophisticated touch to any home.

We also carry a variety of builder grade closet doors. These doors are a great option for basements, rentals or kids rooms. Basic white panel insert and white frame fit most decor’s and everyone will love the price point on these entry level options!

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