The science behind the measure, ordering, and installation of custom frameless glass


Proper frameless glass installation starts at the measure stage. Without a proper measure the install cannot be completed efficiently. When measuring for frameless glass showers it is ultra-important to be sure to account for all of the outages and obstacles (slope of any curbs, textured tiles, etc.) that may be encountered. 10mm glass enclosures generally have very little hardware (compared to thinner qualities of glass) to compensate for outages therefore the glass must be ordered and cut exactly to the opening that it is being fit to. We always recommend to have a professional measure/install 10mm glass. Once the glass for the opening has been successfully measured and ordered it must be inspected for flaws before it can leave the shop. Once on site the installer needs to ensure that all of the doors/panels of glass are square to each other. If the installation of the first piece is slightly off then the remaining pieces will follow suit and in the end the enclosure will not look its best. Double checking at each step is very important to the look of the final product. Install times can take as little as a few hours to a few days to complete depending on the configuration. It can be a tedious process but the final product is worth it in the end.

The installers are all trained using a hands on approach where they start out as helpers and advance to become solo installers. They must learn about the different hardware (hinge types, u-channel, headers, seals, etc.). Each Installer must always be prepared with the proper tools to complete the job (silicone, shims, suction cups, paper towels, drop cloths, laser levels, drills, double sided tape, etc.).Most importantly they must also have the ability to assess the area for hazards. We strive to ensure all of our installers go home safely to their families at the end of each work day!

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