A Brief Lesson in History:

Top shelf is celebrating ten years of business in Edmonton and surrounding areas and we are making some exciting changes. We started out in 2006 in a small warehouse location which tended to flood every time we got a storm! As our reputation for quality product and excellent service grew, and our customer base increased, we knew it was time to head to a bigger, better space. Top Shelf has been in our new, 18,000 square foot showroom and production warehouse since 2012 and haven’t looked back!

The New Site:

Firstly, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed our new and improved website. Top Shelf is so excited (and for those of you who remember our old website, we’re sure you are too)! With our new site we are hoping to provide all our clients with better access to a vast gallery of our products for ideas and inspiration. Our updated warranty and care & maintenance areas are also designed to lay out clear guidelines for all customers. We want everyone to know what to expect when purchasing our products not just when they are first installed, but for the entire lifetime of their purchase.

New Product Lines:

Another exciting update is the introduction of our Diffused series closet doors and room dividers. These new doors are an exciting alternative to a mirror or panel door and add a modern vibe to any room. With top hung and wall mounted options they are incredibly versatile and we are seeing these doors trending in new, smaller condos as bedroom dividers.

Thank You!

As always here at Top Shelf Closets & Glass, we want to thank our partners who we work with day in and day out. Whether you’ve been with us from day one or are just jumping on board, we are glad we’ve been able to provide you with quality shelving and shower doors since 2006. Here’s to the next ten years! Cheers!